Trust & Estate- Probate

At this time, if you haven't yet considered it, you probably should- that is having your base set of documents such as a Last Will & Testament, a Power of Attorney, Living Will and Health Care Proxy.

It is with a sensitivity and caring that the firm of Ross L. Schiller & Associates P.C. will work with you and your family to help assess your needs, wants and assist you in fully determining who your assets are left to.  The firm will also work with your financial advisors, accountants and other experts on your behalf to help set up the right documents for your needs.

Should your will need to be probated or brought to the courts intestate (without a will), then our firm will help your family through this process, and work with them to achieve the results you had intended or what the law will allow.

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It is our view that litigation should be a last resort to resolving any type of legal dispute.  We counsel our clients to identify and resolve potential disputes before they develop into expensive litigation.  If litigation is the only option, we will zealously and aggressively represent you.

It is vitally important that your legal counsel be creative and innovative in crafting strategies and solutions to your legal problems.  We will look at every angle of your case and employ all of our efforts to obtain a successful result.

We handle a wide range of commercial litigation matters including:

    Breach of contract
    Partnership/Corporate disputes
    Property and lease disputes
    Failure to perform or deliver
    Employment litigation
    Small business litigation
We strive to resolve a case quickly through mediation or arbitration, so as to avoid a costly trial.  However, if a trial is required, we will work diligently to limit client expenses and work aggressively to get a favorable outcome.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate
Real estate transactions, whether commercial or residential, are complex and minor oversights can have significant consequences.  It is critical that you have an experienced attorney to represent you so that your interests and rights are fully protected.

Time constraints are very common in these types of matters and we understand that efficiency and speed, in addition to attention to detail, are necessary in order to successfully complete your real estate transaction.

We represent owners, tenants, financial institutions, developers, mortgage lenders, investors, property managers and real estate brokers in the following:

    * Commercial and residential real estate closings

    * Commercial and residential leases and subleases

    * Purchase and sale agreements

    * Real estate financings

    * Construction contracts

    * Mortgages

    * Deed agreements

    * Title examinations and opinions

    * Condominium and co-op closings

As a multi-disciplinary firm, we have the ability to address a diverse and wide range of issues related to your transaction.

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